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The Fairy Finders

Start your summer holidays with a special trip to the theatre and become part of the Fairy Finders squad! The show takes inspiration from A Midsummer Night’s Dream, weaving the mischievous and the magical together. Children and their families will join our team of Fairy Finders on an interactive theatrical adventure to try and spot the elusive fairies that have been reportedly glimpsed in and around Basingstoke!

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The Shed of Stories

The shed is a multipurpose performance space. 

Tales will be told at various intervals throughout the day.  Between story times the shed becomes a pop-up library where children and families can read together. 

Commissioned by Basingstoke and Deane council

Bonkers Balloon Show

Watch showreel here

The Bonkers Balloon Show is a completely off the wall, unique show filled with comedy, circus fun, music, magic and lots and lots of balloons. A simple balloon gets turned into an alien, a helicopter and scuba diver, audience members are transformed into balloon creatures in front of your very eyes!  


Watch showreel here

Balloons are fun, right? Well if balloons are fun then that must mean that science is fun!  Becky the Balloonatic loves balloons and she wants you to see just how much we can learn from them. 

Full of spills, thrills explosions and pops! The show is extremely interactive and can work just as well with a small group as it does with a large audience.  What is a prediction? How do we do an experiment? What do we mean by equipment? What is science?

The Women who won the war!

The show is based on the real lives of the Thornycroft girls who worked in the factory where they built tanks and bullets!

An interactive 25 min show about the munitions workers of the World Wars. Everyone is welcome to come and watch the girls make a life sized kit car which children can actually ride in. Commissioned by Basingstoke and Deane council

The Stylists

A fun and fabulous walkabout act.

Catch the look good, feel good, world of The Stylists, here today, cardi-gone tomorrow! They started off their careers peddling designer clothing. They were Dior to Dior salesman. Now they are working on their next new look!

When you’re not feeling right they will lift your spirits and make you feel better with a bit of hanger-management!

’Werk it’ on their catwalk or just enjoy their daily dose of fun. You can’t miss these colourful creatures. Darn knit all, they really are Fab.U.Lous!