Current shows

Christmas Fairy shoes

A beautiful interactive show for the family at Proteus creation space

Hansel and Gretel

Scratch Built Productions in association with Proteus Theatre Company invites you to step inside a fairytale world for a magical journey into the woods…

Featuring magical puppets by award-winning puppeteer Nick Ash and toe-tapping folk songs written by Arran Glass from folk band Apple of my eye,

The Women who won the war!

The show is based on the real lives of the Thornycroft girls who worked in the factory where they built tanks and bullets!

An interactive 25 min show about the munitions workers of the World Wars. Everyone is welcome to come and watch the girls make a life sized kit car which children can actually ride in.

Knight Time

What would you do if you were face to face with a dragon?
Is jousting as painful as it looks? Just what is the best way to shine rusty armour? 

Join Jack as he finds out the hard way in this magical show.  Cheer Jack on as he competes in “The Knight Trials” and follow him on his adventures with his loyal horse Raspberry. There’s enough adventure for everyone and you might even get to see a dragon or two!

The Shed of Stories

The shed is a multipurpose performance space. 

Tales will be told at various intervals throughout the day.  Between story times the shed becomes a pop-up library where children and families can read together. 

How to Be a Hero?

How to be a hero performed at the Basingstoke Oktoberfest

“Have no fear fair maidens! With courage in your heart, truth in your soul and luck on your side, you can do anything. I’m here to save you and not even a Razor-Backed Snapper can stop me!”